Participate in a series of online psychometric tests taken from the areas of Psychology. Based on your answers' validity and response time, the smarTag system will extract your most intrinsic characteristics.


We provide a framework where all personalized Web-sites can be navigated. Using this interface users navigate through the provider's content. Based on their profiling a further support will be provided to them with the use of a slide-in panel at the top of the screen, containing all learner control attributes, as well as navigation support and aesthetics enhancements according to their status.

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The General Goal of this project is to introduce a framework for the automatic reconstruction and delivery of Web content based on human factors. Human factors will play the most important role during the entire design and implementation of the framework that will have the inherent ability to interact with its environment and the user and transparently adapt its behaviour (i.e., the Web content) using intelligent techniques, reaching high levels of usability, user satisfaction, effectiveness and quality of service presentation. In principle, the aim is to personalize the delivery of the selected content based on the user's individual cognitive characteristics.

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