About Research Goals

The General Goal of this project is to introduce a framework for the automatic reconstruction and delivery of Web content based on human factors. Human factors will play the most important role during the entire design and implementation of the framework that will have the inherent ability to interact with its environment and the user and transparently adapt its behaviour (i.e., the Web content) using intelligent techniques, reaching high levels of usability, user satisfaction, effectiveness and quality of service presentation. In principle, the aim is to personalize the delivery of the selected content based on the user’s individual cognitive characteristics.

The proposed work is focused upon the implementation and evaluation of a dynamic Web-based framework, called smarTag, for achieving mass customization on the Web based on human factors. More specifically, given the users’ diversified perceptual preferences, the same service content provided by an organization will be reconstructed and delivered differently based on the users’ cognitive typologies and the proposed set of design guidelines. This way, we will increase information assimilation, accuracy on cognitive targets’ searching activities and consequently enhance acceptability of the On-line services.

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