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Prof. George Samaras

Prof. George Samaras, Chairman of CS Department: has high international recognition in its research area with a substantial number of publications in international journals and conferences and a long term participation in research projects funded from national and international organizations, including the European Union and the RPF. He has been participating in a number of IST projects related to mobile, wireless, sensor networks and distributed computing as the scientific coordinator, such as IPAC, CONET, mPower, MobiHealth24, MOTIVE, DBGlobe, MEMO, and has also coordinated a number of RPF projects like: MELCO, EKPAIDEION, PERSONA, SEMANET, ENDIKTIS, MATHON, DITIS. His main research interest includes eServices, Web information retrieval, mobile/wireless computing, sensor networks, context based services, personalization systems, database systems and resource recovery. Prof. Samaras was previously at IBM Research Triangle Park, USA and taught at the University of North Carolina (adjunct Assistant Professor, 1990-93). He served as the lead architect of IBM's distributed commit architecture (1990-94) and co-authored the final publication of the architecture (IBM Book, SC31- 8134-00, September 1994).

He was member of IBM's wireless division and participated in the design/architecture of IBM’s WebExpress. He co-authored a research book on data management for mobile computing (Kluwer A.P, 1997). His work on utilizing mobile agents for Web database access has received the best paper award of the ICDE 1999 conference and recently the best student paper award at AH 2008 conference. Prof. Samaras is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions and has served as guest editor for a number of journals and on program committees of most top conferences and workshops on Database and mobile computing. Between 2001 and 2004, he was the program cochair for 4 workshops and tracks on databases and mobility. In 2005, he was the General Chair of the International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM). In 2007 and he co-chaired the technical program of the ACM Workshop on Data Engineering for Mobile and Wireless Access (MobiDE) and in 2010 the General Chair of the 9th Hellenic Data Management Symposium (HDMS 2010). He has a number of patents relating to intelligent user interfaces, transaction processing technology and numerous technical conference and journal publications. He is regularly invited by the European Commission to serve as an external project evaluator and auditor for the ESPRIT and IST Program (FP5-7) in areas related to internet, RFID and Sensor networks, mobile and wireless computing, Grid computing and mobile agents. In addition he served as a technology advisor and consultant at an international and local level in numerous occasions. At the European level he has reviewed and audited more than 120 proposals and projects. He also served on IBM's internal international standards committees related to distributed transaction processing (OSI/TP, XOPEN, OMG). He is a member of the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society.

Dr. Pangiotis Germanakos

Dr. Panagiotis Germanakos was born on 19 September 1974 in Athens, Hellas. He is currently a Research Scientist in the Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus and the Deputy Head of the Semantic and Cognitive Research Adaptivity Technologies (SCRAT) research group of the Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus (since 2003) and in the Laboratory of New Technologies of the Faculty of Communication & Media Studies, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (since 2004). He obtained his PhD from the University of Athens in 2008 and his MSc in International Marketing Management from the Leeds University Business School in 1999. His B.Sc. was in Computer Science and also holds a HND Diploma of Technician Engineer in the field of Computer Studies. His research interest is in Web Adaptation and Personalization Environments and Systems based on user profiling encompassing amongst others visual, cognitive and emotional processes, implemented on desktop and mobile / wireless platforms.

Dr. George Spanoudes
Dr. Efi Papatheocharous
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Dr. Efi Papatheocharous

Dr. Efi Papatheocharous is a Research Associate at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus (since March 2006) and at the Department of Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering and Informatics at the Cyprus University of Technology (since January 2011), where she carries out research on Software Cost Estimation, Computational Intelligence, Adaptive Web for eServices and Agile Software Engineering. She is also a Research Scientist in the Software Engineering and Intelligent Information Systems (SEIIS) research lab of the Cyprus University of Technology. Her Ph.D. studies were conducted at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus and were focused primarily in the area of Software Engineering with specific research interests in Computational Intelligence and Software Cost Estimation. She attained her Ph.D. title in December 2011. After graduating from the University of Manchester with an MSc degree in Advanced Computer Science with Information Communication Technologies (ICT) Management from the Computer Science Department, in December 2005, and after ttaining an undergraduate BSc in Computer Science from the Computer Science Department at the University of Cyprus, in June 2004, she has been collaborating in a number of research projects at a National and European level and co-authored more than 20 papers published in books, journals and presented in international conferences (ICEIS '07, ICTAI '07, ICEIS '08, ECAI '08, ASE '08, ICEIS '09, AIAI '09, CAA '10, ICEIS '10, AIAI '10, ICCC '11, ICEIS '11).

Marios Belk

Mario Belk is currently a Ph.D. student and Research Associate of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cyprus. He obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the same department. His research interests are in Web Adaptation and Personalization Environments and Systems, Database Systems, Ontologies, Internet Technologies and the Semantic Web. He actively participates in numerous National and EU funded research projects. His work contributed for the publication of several research articles in journals, book chapters and major International conferences in which he was co-author in 16 of them. Furthermore, he worked as a teaching assistant of his Professor and the University Vice-Rector and taught to graduate and 4th year undergraduate students at the Department of Computer Science. In the past years he participated in several business projects as a senior software developer collaborating with Microsoft, IBM, Marfin Laiki Bank Ltd. and many more. His future plans is to continue his research obtaining a Ph.D. enabling him to become an Academic Research Scientist.

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

Constantinos Mourlas

Costas Mourlas is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Media Studies, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece) since 2002. He graduated from the University of Crete in 1988 with a Diploma in Computer Science and obtained his PhD from the Department of Informatics, University of Athens in 1995. Dr. C. Mourlas joined the Department of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus in 1997 as a visiting Assistant Professor and as Lecturer at the same Department from 1999 till 2002. In 1998 was an ERCIM fellow for post-doctoral studies through research.His current main research interest is the design and the development of communication environments that provide adaptive and personalized context to the users according to their needs, preferences, cognitive characteristics and emotional state. He currently coordinates a national funded research project on Web Personalization. His previous research work was focused on distributed systems, streaming media presentation, Quality of Service issues, and the Internet.Dr. C. Mourlas has teached a large number of undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses in the Dept. of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus and the Dept. of Communication and Media Studies of the University of Athens. He has also partcipated in various committees in order to improve the computing infrastructure of the abovementioned departments.

Nikos Tsianos

Nikos Tsianos is a Phd candidate of the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media at the University of Athens, and research assosiate of the New Technologies Laboratory. He has a bachelor degree in Communication and Mass Media and a Msc in Political Communication and New Technologies. Nikos Tsianos main research area is the personalization of Educational Adaptive Hypermedia on the basis of psychological individual differences such as cognitive and emotional parameters.In the area of cognition, emphasis is placed upon human factors such as cognitive style, working memory, visual attention, control and speed of processing etc. Of equal importance are emotional parameters such as academic, state and trait anxiety, emotional intelligence and biometric emotional arousal.He has participated in the design and development of Web-applications and corresponding psychometric tools, as well as in assessment procedures and experiments, in support of the notion of personalization on the aforementioned human factors.His interests also include the social impact of locative media and mobile appliances, both in terms of psychological research and HCI design. He participates in the LOCUNET project, which focuses on the development of location aware mobile applications by incorporating social research methods.

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